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Facts at a Glance

Althea Gibson Early Childhood Academy houses full day kindergarten and preschool classes. Our classrooms are inclusive to service the needs of all students. This state of the art facility is structured to create a learning environment in which each child’s intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth are carefully cultivated and guided. Its design provides a developmentally appropriate experience for all students. The goal of our program is to enable children to take charge of their learning as they participate in experiences within a curriculum that provides for the growth and development of the whole child.
At Althea Gibson, we provide our students with a strong academic foundation. Our faculty is committed to planning and implementing a variety of instructional strategies and activities that facilitate the preparation of our students for the challenge of mastering content standards.
Althea Gibson’s Parent Teacher Organization serves as a viable and valuable asset of the school community. Parent volunteers raise funds to support services to enrich the learning environment. Every member of the child’s family becomes part of the program and is offered assistance in all social areas. Our School Leadership Council meets monthly to discuss ways to improve instruction in our classrooms.
Students learn from their parents and teachers the importance of contributing to the community as citizens. These endeavors include: Thanksgiving Food Drive, Bully Free Pledge, Clothing and Toy Drives, Veterans Day Activity, and Flag Day Celebration.
The administration, faculty, support staff, and parents of Althea Gibson Early Childhood Academy are dedicated to fostering students who demonstrate high achievement, enjoy learning new concepts, and skills in all areas, contribute to their community in a variety of ways, and acquire skills for success. As a result, Gibson students are afforded an excellent educational program that inspires lifetime learners and conscientious citizens.